FIDES Angels Bracelet

  • Fine leather, tanned and crafted by hand in Italy; double layered with glazed edges dyed tone on tone;
  • Hand riveted studs;
  • Crystal Rhinestones;
  • Available in: Grey/haematite, Black/crystal, Brown/crystal, Light blue/crystal, Emerald green/black, Red/crystal, White/topace;
  • Metal components available in different hand-brushed finishes;
  • Five-element Movement to keep track of the Mysteries of the Rosary;
  • "Our Father/Glory Be" Medal with Miraculous Medal subject on both sides;
  • Signed, crafted clasps;
  • You can adjust and fix the length of your Bracelet with the supplied key;
  • Articulated clasp with artistic bas-relief sculpture on both sides, representing the Blessed Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus, with two splendid Venerating Angels at her sides.