FIDES™ Genuine Italian Leather Holy Angels Rosary Bracelet in Grey

100% Genuine Fine Leather, tanned and crafted by hand in Italy

Smooth, soft leather finish on the inside, outside and tone-on-tone dyed side edges, in grey leather color

With Hand riveted studs

Crystal Rhinestones in Hematite color

Metal components in Antique Bronze finish brushed by hand

Five-Element Stud Movement functionality to help keep track of each of the Five Mysteries of the Rosary once each is prayed

A Miraculous Medal -- front and back, serves as the rosary bracelet's “Our Father/Gloria” Prayer Medal

Articulate closure with artistic sculpture in bas-relief, on the front and back, representing the Blessed Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus with two splendid Venerating Angels on each side

Signed and crafted leather end caps

We offer the ability to adjust the length of your Bracelet by including a small key to insert into the sizing hole on the inside of the clasp. Loosen the clasp cap, pop off the cap, adjust and cut the leather according to how you want it to fit on your wrist, then put the clasp cap back on and tighten it with the small key

Strong, durable, fashionable and made in Italy exclusively by Ghirelli