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MAGNIFICAT ROSALET® - SQUARE MATTE HEMATITE BEADS, STERLING SILVER & ROUND PATER, MODERN                                                                      

When design meets Prayer.

For the first time, Ghirelli has created a full rosary that can be worn as a fine piece of fine jewelry. The Magnificat ROSALET® in precious metals with a patented clasp design and technology within each Crucifix, is unlike any Rosary or any bracelet that has gone before.This new creative design allows you to wear your rosary so you are never without it. The Sterling Silver & Gold-plated beads move flawlessly across the chain when using them in prayer.


  • CRUCIFIX: Modern Artistic Crucifix NOW WITH NEW MECHANICAL Clasp is an original patented design & technology in .925 Sterling Silver with Matte-Rhodium plating. The Ghirelli Family name on the reverse signifies authenticity and 100% Made in Italy with one-of-a-kind Ghirelli craftsmanship. Two tone, Shiny-Matte Rhodium-plated finish   
  • ROSARY CENTER: .925 Sterling Silver - Two tone, Shiny-Matte Rhodium-plated finish with room for custom engraving for a special gift. - Finely crafted Miraculous Medal in .925 Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated, insert by hand
  • PATER "Our Father/Glory" Beads: 4mm .925 Sterling Silver round beads  Rhodium plating with endcaps to differentiate them from the Ave beads when praying.
  • AVE / "Hail Mary" Beads: 4x4mm Genuine Matte-Hematite Cube beads 
  • CHAIN: .925 Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated   
  • RINGS: .925 Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated  hand welded rings  
  • PACKAGING: Designed and produced in Italy
  • SIZING: Adjustable to 2 lengths:  Small – 6.5-7” Standard – 7.5-8”
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