November 23, 2020 3 min read

Many years ago, when our Spiritual Father said to me:"You will work in America even without going there," I did not understand the meaning.

The most logical interpretation I immediately thought of was that there would be an increase of work in that country. Since 1990 we have distributed Ghirelli® Rosaries through importers to America, but I felt that this was not the meaning of those words.

Cinzia and I knew very well that the words of "our Don Carlo" were important messages. In fact, the many prophecies about our life, such as the number of children we would have, had always come true.

As always, for all the things that come from God, we can only understand their meaning after having experienced them.

Padre Pio always said that life is like a work of embroidery—from below, it appears to us as a tangle of threads and disorderly colors, but when it is finished and viewed from the right side, it is a splendid work of harmony and colors.

With this splendid and simple example, Padre Pio helps his spiritual children understand how God's plans, when we live them, seem incomprehensible to us at first, but then we understand their beauty in hindsight.

On the 8th of May 2013, Our Lady of the Rosary, we founded Ghirelli® USA Inc. as a branch for the exclusive distribution of the production that we do in Italy with Ghirelli® SRL. From that moment, there was an inexplicable growth of work. This was what our Spiritual Father wanted to tell us when he prophesied, "You will work in America even without going there"—it was clear!

The Immaculate – the real "owner" of Ghirelli® company – has guided us along unknown roads. And now in this difficult moment, Ghirelli® USA Inc. has become the safe boat with which Divine Providence helps us cross the storms of trial.

How much we must thank the Lord. Prayer truly opens all the doors and is "Light in our steps"; let us believe it.

May God bless America, which our family increasingly feels part of.

Alessandro Ghirelli 


A Prayer for Thanksgiving Day

Father, all of Creation rightly owes you thanks and praise. Your justice, love and mercy abound. We thank you this day for all that you have given us:
For the Passion and Death of your Divine Son, we thank you Father, through the Cross, He redeemed the world.
For the Church, we thank you Father, it is our beacon for salvation.
For the martyrs and saints who give testimony to your Son, we thank you Father, their witness to your Son is our inheritance.
For our loved ones and friends who have died and gone before us, we thank you Father, their love abides with us forever.
For loving spouses, we thank you Father, together we seek you.
For the gift of children, we thank you Father, they are your precious gifts to us and to the world.
For the gift of our families, loved ones and good friends, we thank you Father, Through them we see the reflection of your Son. 
For jobs, our homes and all that we have, we thank you Father, give us only that which we need, as we seek Your Kingdom.
For the bounty we are about to eat, we thank you through Christ Our Lord.

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