Discover the world's most beautiful rosary

From the soft plains, castles and cobblestone streets of Ferrara to the painted piazzas and columned arms of the Vatican, GHIRELLI®has long been synonymous with the highest of creative acts: that of beauty. 

Let us take you on a journey to experience prayer beads like never before, not simply as a curiosity or adornment, but as a new essential facet of your everyday life, as close and as enduring as a sensation turned to memory... a breath... or a heartbeat... drawing you to magnify love.

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Still Ghirelli Rosaries®

Looking for the traditional Ghirelli?

Every detail of our maison and mastercraft remains the same. Our community of customers are most beloved to us, so we are grateful that you are joining us on this journey. Guided in prayer by La Madonna of Heaven, we are committed to continuing to honor God with the legacy of Italian rosary craftsmanship you know and love. We are also adding an elevated new way to now wear the entire traditional rosary on your person, each and every day. If you are looking for our traditional rosaries, they're all still here, we're still dreaming up new variations, and the latest can be found in various places: test out our large menu, use the search button to search by keyword on our site, or click the link below for a large collection of Legacy Ghirelli Rosaries.

If you're looking for the newest jewels of inspiration, we hope you will take some time to get to know the all new Rosalet® Collection, and also feel free to stay a while here on our all new website, learning about our family story and artisanship. We also offer weekly blog reflections and a multitude of prayer resources under World of Ghirelli®. We're so glad you've chosen to be part of the Ghirelli Famiglia, and we welcome you to the Italian rosary experience with all our hearts.

- Alessandro and Cinzia Ghirelli -