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Finding the right gift for the bride and groom can be tricky, and sometimes you want to stray from their registry to find something more personal to celebrate their special day. We’ve aimed to simplify your search by providing you with our top 9 picks, varying in price, all guaranteed to bring a smile to the new couple and support them as they embark on their new journey. 


Faith-Filled Gifts: 

As the new Mr. and Mrs. settle into their home and begin to start a family, The Little Oratory and Theology of Home books will show them how to bring peace into their home and live a Liturgical Life. The House of Royals Aqua Sacra Crystal Holy Water Font pairs perfectly with the books and can be used to bless the couple’s new home and create a home sanctuary as well as being present to celebrate future baptisms and everyday occasions. 


The cross is the perfect example of love, making it a treasured gift for the newlyweds. There are so many beautiful cross and crucifix options, but we found this San Damiano Wall Cross to be elegantly simple and timeless. Then, having a priest bless the cross before gifting it will bring even more beauty and meaning to the already gorgeous gift. 


Vivian Imbruglia commissions Sacred Images and Icons, that come with their own certificate of authenticity. If the bride and groom have a special devotion to a saint or the Sacred Heart, this is a beautiful way to give them something unique and personal for their family. 


Of course we couldn’t put together a Wedding Gift Guide and not include a rosary! The Ghirelli Wedding Collection features rosaries for both the bride and  groom.  If you’re able to give the rosaries to the bride and groom before their special day, the bride can wrap hers around her flowers, and the groom can keep his in his pocket for a reminder of Mary’s love and protection. 


Gifts for the Home:

While wedding registries are full of platters and dishes, this Personalized Marble and Wood Appetizer Serving Platteris a way to make an ordinary kitchen item more personalized, preparing the couple to host all their friends and family in their new home.

The couple is sure to want to put all the new kitchen items from their registry to good use! Pair something off their registry with this delicious cookbook, Cooking with the Saints.  It is a simple yet thoughtful gift that will serve their family for years to come.

This adorable Personalized Doormat from West Elm is a wonderful way  to showcase the couple’s new name. It is a warm welcome to everyone who comes to visit the newlyweds at their new place. 


Gifts that Wow:

Does your couple love to share photos together and talk nonstop about how excited they are to enjoy the gorgeous views on their honeymoon? Book them a surprise Honeymoon Photography Session and give them an unforgettable experience with photos to savor their honeymoon memories.

Maybe a full photoshoot isn’t in the budget, but a Scrapbook Album paired with a Polaroid Camera is a fun and creative way for the couple to photograph their honeymoon adventures. They can use both items to capture big milestones and look back and reminisce on the good days. 

A toast to the bride and groom! The Tiffany & Co. Diamond Point Champagne Flute Set is another gift you can give to the bride and groom before their wedding day so they can use it on their big day. The crystal champagne flutes can be brought out each year on their anniversary to remind them of their wedding day. 


One of our favorite gifts that you often don't find on a registry is a nativity set. The newlyweds can set it out at Christmas or keep it out all year. This stunning 5-Piece Crystal Nativity Set is elegant and timeless, matching with any home decor at any time of the year. 


Do you have a favorite wedding gift that didn’t make the list? Leave it in the comments below to inspire those searching for the perfect gift!

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