April 28, 2021 2 min read

A rosary and a jewel at the same time

A unique accessory.

Exquisite beyond compare.

Pure unadulterated beauty.

An idea that came entirely into being in Italy from the initial spark to its actual creation.

Resplendent on the inside and out.

Its name is Rosalet®.

An Italian-made rosary bracelet

Magnificat Rosalet® is the only inspirationally beautiful rosary bracelet created entirely in Italy that you can wear day in and day out, allowing it to lie next to your skin all the time.

The entire creation process takes place in Italy, a wellspring of pure unadulterated beauty.

Indeed, there is no place like Italy when it comes to artistic genius and craftsmanship, and Italians are renowned for their unerring instinct for elegance, splendor and harmony. 

Our jewels stand in a league of their own because of our uncompromising quality standards and our ability to perfectly combine technical know-how with aesthetic awareness, something that lifts our products to great heights.

Each creation is unique unto itself 

We take an impassioned approach to our work and each piece is meticulously curated. The initial inspiration, the design and the creative process: eachjewel is the end result of a complex procedure made up of numerous different stages, each of which is closely supervised by our team of experts. Countless details are scrutinized to ensure that each bracelet conforms to our high quality standards. Replete with beauty, joy and harmony, these are one-of-a-kind pieces that bespeak the immense breadth of knowledge found in the Italian world of design.

When you own a Ghirelli rosary bracelet, you become the custodian of a priceless jewel that shines with its own magnificent light.

By wearing Magnificat Rosalet®, you channel true and authentic beauty. Every single minute of every waking day. 

Quality, tradition and legacy: a family affair

We are a family. We think, act and work like a family. Together we share ideas, inspiration, feelings and values. 

All our collaborators and partners also belong to our extended family because they have embraced our mission and every day they pour passion into their work and apply themselves to create one-of-a-kind pieces that hold a powerful attraction.

Magnificat Rosalet® is this too: the mission of one big united family who strive to bring pure beauty into the world. 

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