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Priceless jewels with a classic aesthetic

Timeless beauty.

This is the only way to describe the extraordinary peculiarity of the rosaries crafted in honor of Saint Joseph - priceless jewels with a classic design that are resplendent with light and epitomize a love for all things beautiful.

When you possess one of these invaluable objects, you become a custodian of its boundless beauty.

Pristine lines, exquisite materials and a classic air: the rosaries from the St. Joseph collection are one-of-a-kind piece lovingly crafted by hand down to the smallest detail. Meticulous skill and pure passion transpire from every pore of this inimitable item.


St. Joseph Rosaries: an uncompromising approach to details

Like all Ghirelli jewels, St. Joseph rosaries are of inestimable worth due to the matchless craftsmanship and the choice of premium materials, such as Murano glass.

Carefully sourced for their refinement and elegance, the top-quality materials give rise to one-of-a-kind pieces that are distinctive in many different ways. As you clasp one of these rosaries in your hands and contemplate the level of workmanship that went into making each single item so unique, you will feel its beauty reverberate through you as an expression of devotion and prayer.

Nothing has been left to chance. Each single detail has been studied and curated to produce an object that, in its exquisite intricacy, is suffused with light and imparts a profound meaning of its own.


Italian-made rosaries

Ghirlelli's St. Joseph rosaries are crafted entirely in Italy. Italian workmanship is a guarantee of consummate manual skills and a sound knowledge of artisanal techniques as well as an assurance of the genuinely impassioned approach that all Italian rosary-makers bring to their work. It is the mission of a lifetime and a tireless quest for beauty.

As a seal of warranty vouching for the quality and originality of each jewel, Ghirelli St. Joseph rosaries bear a small tag with the words “Made in Italy” and “Ghirelli”. This certifies the immense worth of your new rosary which is imbued with all the enthusiasm and passion of people who truly believe in their mission: bringing beauty to the world as a tribute to prayer.


St. Joseph, a sign for a society in which the figure of the father is portrayed as non-essential

Pope Saint John Paul II also extols the meekness of St. Joseph, magnifying his role as Jesus’ father. He particularly underlines the fact that St. Joseph's fatherhood (just as the Virgin Mary's motherhood) provides a direct and complete connection to Jesus.

Indeed, as all Mary's privileges stem from the fact that she is the mother of Jesus, so all St. Joseph's privileges derive from his role as the father of Jesus, the incarnate word. We know that Jesus addressed God as “Abba” which is a familiar and affectionate term used by Hebrew children for their parents. We should reflect on the fact that as a child Jesus addressed St. Joseph as Abba, just like all other children did with their fathers. Could any more be said about the mystery of St. Joseph's fatherhood?

For St. Joseph, life with Jesus was one discovery after another and a revelation of his own vocation as a Father.


Saint Joseph - a “Righteous Man” Matthew 1:19

St. Joseph, the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is the greatest saint of Heaven, immediately after Holy Mary, Mother of God.

Through his extraordinary calling as the foster father of Jesus and the virgin spouse of the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, the humble carpenter of Nazareth, is quite unique the world over as a Saint and this is why he ranks above the Patriarchs, Prophets, St. John the Baptist and the Apostles, the Martyrs and the Doctors of the Church. He is the very manifestation of the Divine words of Jesus when he said: "for it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest" Luke 9:48.

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