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Fall in love...with the Rosary.

As you pour your morning coffee, set out for crisp autumn strolls along fluttering pathways, or simply sneak a break from your work, study or everyday life lived on home schedule, bring your rosary with you and capture for your weary soul those grounding moments and the infusion of God's presence and love that your heart craves, to get you through another season of change, and reach for the wonder. It's time to fall...in love.
For every season there is a shift of temperature and mood and rhythm. In this particular fall, we are still living a long-lasting sense of change, and our weary spirits can feel so acutely this year of 2021 has been trying and overwhelming with disruption for many. This autumn, let us lean in...let us fall in...to allowing God to pull goodness and newness out of the challenges and changes in our lives. Let us continue to sow together acts of solidarity, kindness, and prayer, reaching out across time and space to continue to take refuge in hope and community. We can then reap a rich, autumn harvest of peace, together in family!
Below, we have collected a selection of our more textured, autumn toned prayer beads that will connect our hearts via the Madonna's friendship and intercession to God and each other. The Christian fall calendar is replete with an abundance of saint feast days - Padre Pio! Saint Therese of Lisieux! Saint Francis of Assisi! Saint John Paul II! All the Holy Angels! - to remind us of the hope of heaven. We have also included the bestselling new collection Magnificat Rosalet® , for those considering gifts.
We pray this autumn season will be a time of hope, peace and togetherness around what matters most.
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