Precious Tiger's Eye & Gold Bracelet

6 mm semi-precious stone beads – Tiger’s Eye - and 6 mm sterling silver full beads, diamond cut, thick yellow gold plated - Finish in 925/°°° Sterling Silver 0.60 mm wire, thick yellow gold plated, diamond cut "gourmette" chain 925/°°° Sterling Silver, 0.50 mm thick yellow gold plated, snap hook and holding ring in 925/°°° Sterling Silver, thick yellow gold plated, Ghirelli brand plate in zamak alloy - Pendant Cross in 925/°°° Sterling Silver, thick yellow gold plated.
Size: 7 Inches

This Rosary is presented in our exclusive Made-in-Italy hard box with its unique design and accurate details expressing the unmistakable Ghirelli style. The logo on the front of the box appears in relief.