Forty days to journey through the Sorrowful mysteries of Jesus' life.


The "Quaresima", translated more directly as "fortieth part", is our Italian heritage's name for Lent, so named for the lengthening of days that happens in the spring season, but more dearly signifying to Christians a journey season, one that takes place along a very special spiritual via, a pathway, walking in the footsteps again of our redemption by Jesus of Nazareth on the Cross.

The rosary prayer beads you hold between your fingers make ever present the joyful, luminous and glorious mysteries of His life, but also the sorrowful ones that won for us our salvation. May you silence and settle your soul this season, take moments of fasting and setting aside earthly habits; connect with God and each other through prayer; and serve one another especially those most vulnerable, through the commitment to almsgiving.

From Galilee to Jerusalem, from life, to death and then to Resurrection, He is with us this Lenten Quaresima, and the Madonna too is at our side.

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