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Saint Michael Rosary


For this exclusive and original Rosary Ghirelli's designers embarked on a mission to not only create a Rosary that celebrates St. Michael the Archangel’s victory over Satan, but one that also gives a special emotion — a feeling of protection and trust in the One whom God willed as the powerful Prince of Angels.

The inspiration for this new masterpiece is the majestic statue of of the Archangel St. Michael that stands atop Tepeyac Hill at the back of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City.

According to tradition, it was there that Juan Diego gathered roses to bring them to Fray Juan de Zumarraga, Bishop of Mexico, after the Virgin's last apparition.

The ornate Crucifix features Our Lord Jesus with two Holy Angels by his side.

An extraordinary reproduction of the statue of St. Michael, with enamel on the shield, and on the back a white Host representing the Eucharistic Jesus and the words that St. Michael shouted to Lucifer: "who is like God?”

In the shape of Angel Wings to elevate the spirit in contemplation of angelic realities, and on the reverse side an artistic bas-reliefs of the Archangel Michael.

Glass beads in 6 mm size, white color. Imitation mother of pearl in 7 mm size, red color.

Antique Silver.

Ghirelli Branding Bar shows authenticity and Made In Italy Quality Assurance.

Customer Reviews

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Raymond J. Mitchell
The St. Michael Rosary: Very Unique, Very Special

As a member of a parish named for St. Michael the Archangel, the Ghirelli rosary created for our patron saint is something I'd call a "must have," especially for someone who collects rosaries or has a special devotion to St. Michael. In keeping with the Ghirelli standards, this rosary is beautifully conceived and designed, and the high-quality materials and workmanship make this piece a unique and impressive sacramental. First class!


Quality and workmanship… great customer service

Ralph Jacob
A handsome Rosary fit for fighters.

This is one of the most beautiful rosaries I have ever owned. In addition, the features of it honoring one of my favorite Saints, Michael the Archangel, makes it all the more special. The colors of silver, white, and red make me imagine myself as a Templar Knight as I hold it in my hands while I pray.

Very well made

So I’ve bought many rosaries in my life. Many of them cheap or and many of them expensive n yet both made with the exact same metal chains linking the beads together. Chains so thin it’ll snap if you wore it around your neck and I know that for good reason. But wearing a rosary can make one feel safe and comforted… it just needs to be made of sturdy parts.

Being this rosary was cheap compared to my pricier rosary purchases I was suspicious it would be poorly made. However the chains are very unique in that they seem thicker and sturdier than most rosary chains. You can actually feel how much thicker they are. In fact all the metal parts have a very sturdy and weighty feel to them. I’d be interested to know what metal material is used other than the coloring/finish. Because it’s definitely tougher stuff. Not sure its toughness compares to my solid stainless steel rosary but as far as rosaries that are pleasing to the eye it’s the top of my collection and it’s certainly not flimsy either.

So as far as quality goes I’d say the price is very reasonably. You won’t find another rosary brand this affordable and this high quality.

-an Anglo Catholic.


Gréât as always