Wedding Rosary for the Bride with Crystal Elements

Introducing a wonderful new addition to the Ghirelli line of special rosaries: the Wedding Rosary for the Bride. The perfect gift that celebrates the beautiful holy sacrament of marriage.

Beads: Bohemian glass beads in 8 mm size with white color ice/frosted effect. Accented with Genuine Crystal Beads in 8mm size and Light Rose color and hand-decorated 8mm size Lumen Beads.

Crucifix: A unique Ghirelli creation for a special Rosary. The two Faiths represent the value of this great Sacrament. On the back a newlywed couple, holding hands along the path that leads them to the altar. Also text featuring the four "goods" of marriage: Faithfulness, Fruitfulness, Permanence, and Love.

Centerpiece: In the shape of a heart, the Centerpiece represents the Love of God from which flows the Love of the spouses. In the center the new bride is featured, part of this Divine design

Finish: Antique silver

Style: Classic

Details: Crucifix with hand-painted enamel by Ghirelli's master decorators

Signature: Ghirelli Branding Bar shows authenticity and Made In Italy Quality Assurance