personalizza solo rosario

Contact us to customize Your Rosary

How to Personalize Your Rosary

Choose a Rosary from our catalog, the changes you can make are as follows:
- Cross and Crucifix (central component): you can choose to use a Cross already present on our items or create one from scratch, illustrating a design (a Saint, a face, an inscription to be engraved on the back...)
- Spacers: you can choose whether to include in your Rosary Metal spacers already on other articles, Beads, or create them in Metal (Silver or Zama).

*Sterling Silver .925 finishes: Rhodium - Gold - Rose Gold
Zamak finishes: Antique Silver - Antique Gold - Golden Bronze - Antique Copper

Please note: You cannot change the Hail Mary beads, and the basic finish of the chosen Rosary.