August 30, 2021 3 min read

There is a long process in family life that is truly sweet and tender: childrenā€™s introduction to faith. It is composed of gestures, attention and explanations that lead children step by step, making sure they are never left alone in this delicate process.

In reality, it is a journey that begins at birth. The atmosphere within the family, at every moment, informs childrenā€™s view of the world, how they take their first steps within it and face their first small decisions.


The blueprint for an entire life

Evidently, therefore, the lessons received in a protected and serene family environment determine the way in which a child will face the future. This is the blueprint for their entire life, and it is essential to give it the importance it deserves.

Introducing children to prayer may initially seem a challenging task, almost impossible in fact: they get distracted, easily become bored and cannot fully understand more complex concepts. Nothing could be further from the truth! It is hugely important for our children to be immersed daily in an atmosphere of authentic faith, where taking their first steps in prayer becomes natural and spontaneous.


Rosary prayer

Looking closely, we see that the Holy Rosary tells a captivating story: the life of Christ, which can be told to little ones. Reciting the prayers with the Rosary in hand, we can imagine that each bead is a flower to be offered to Maria.

Gifting a child their first Rosary is an important and meaningful gesture, as this too is a step forward in the world of prayer. This is a gift that will be treasured with care and love, and perhaps even passed on to the next generation. It is important, therefore, to choose it very carefully so that it is ideally suited to small children.

This article offers several options designed and created especially for children that are approaching Rosary prayer. These are precious, authentic pieces of jewelry, handmade in Italy by experts with a strong passion for their work, which really represents their lifeā€™s mission.

The first option we would like to mention is particularly well-suited for little boys. This is the Holy Communion Black Aurora Borealis & Silver Vine Rosary. The Crucifix of this beautiful Rosary is inspired by Gospel passage ā€œI am the vine; you are the branchesā€ (John 15:5), and features Jesus surrounded by grapes and leaves. This piece uses 5-mm Bohemian glass beads with an Aurora Borealis effect. The centerpiece, with an aged silver-plate finish, depicts Eucharist symbols. The silver finish with Ghirelli mark is a guarantee of made-in-Italy quality and authenticity.

Now letā€™s look at a piece that is ideal for both girls and boys.

This is the Holy Communion Eucharistic Pearl & Gold Rosary. This Rosary is inspired by the passage from the Gospel of Matthew ā€œI am with you alwaysā€ (28:20). The Crucifix with hand-enameled Host reminds us of the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. This piece uses precious materials: components are gold plated. The Rosary centerpiece depicts angels holding up the Blessed Sacrament, hand finished with white enamel, and features an aged gold-plate finish. There are 6-mm Bohemian glass beads with an aged finish. The plate with the Ghirelli mark certifies that this Rosary has been created entirely in Italy, employing the expert artisan workmanship of the Ghirelli family.

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