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Distinctive details.

Italian expertise.

This all goes to create a matchless jewel: Rosalet®.


Between faith and fine design

Ghirelli’s Rosalet® bracelet perfectly conflates Faith and Fine Design.

This bracelet is in a league of its own and what sets it apart from the rest is its authentic Beauty. It is both inimitably stylish, visually appealing and innovative. And with its uncommon allure, this jewel has completely rewritten the rulebook of classic aesthetics in the rosary-making tradition. For Rosalet® is no ordinary Rosary: it is a breathtaking jewel that lends itself to any occasion and ensures that you look quietly elegant.

But obviously, it is not just elegant. It is a precious tool for prayer to be carried with you every waking day.

Despite its immense aesthetic innovation, the defining characteristic of Rosalet® is its complete affinity with the most traditional spirit of prayer and spiritual contemplation. Rosalet® is both a Rosary and a beautiful piece of jewelry at the same time able to channel the deepest spiritual thoughts, conveying ageless messages and symbols.


Made in Italy

Like all Ghirelli® jewelry, the exquisitely beautiful Rosalet® comes into being in Italy. The whole creative process, from the original idea to the actual finished product takes place in Italy where each single detail is meticulously curated.

After all, what better place could there be than Italy to engender these little masterpieces filled with Love?

These jewels bear an indisputable hallmark - the Ghirelli® seal of quality which guarantees absolute authenticity and Italian workmanship.

But that is not all you get. They are crafted with precious metals and boast a unique design. There is a patented fastening system on each bracelet fitted with a Crucifix. Thanks to its peerless design, you can wear the Rosary every single day, carrying it on your person everywhere - in elegance and Beauty.

At prayer time, the beads plated in sterling silver and gold slip effortlessly along the chain. Rosalet®, for deep prayer and silent contemplation of the beauty of a timeless object.


Rosalet®Square Matte Hematite – Silver Pater Beads, Traditional

Here is a splendid example of Rosalet®. This gorgeous Rosary can be worn by men and women alike because its understated colorway and pristine silhouette make it the perfect choice for any circumstances. It has been made from rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver with elements in 925 sterling silver and hematite. The rhodium-plated 925-sterling-silver Crucifix has been flawlessly finished with a revolutionary and highly practical patented clasp system. The back has been branded with the words “Ghirelli” which bears witness to its originality and vouches for its fine craftsmanship. The famous Miraculous Medal centerpiece made from gleaming rhodium-plated 925-sterling silver is a masterful finishing touch. If it is meant to be a special gift, there is even enough space for a small personalized inscription. The beads for the Paternoster and Gloria Patri are round, made from rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver and specially shaped so that the difference can be felt in prayer and they can be easily distinguished from the Ave beads which are square and made from hematite. It can be adjusted to two different lengths.

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