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"A leper came to him and kneeling down, begged him and said, 'If you wish, you can make me clean'." - Mark 1:40

St. Augustine wrote: "Peace is the tranquility of order", a peace that we desperately seek but do not find.
The Commandments are the mirror in which to look at our soul as we begin the Lenten journey, they are the true source of peace. We have tried to create a path, interpreting through the details of the Rosary because this is our passion.

Each Rosary contains a message, to help through prayer and meditation. The Rosary of the Commandments, to help descend into the depths of our consciousness through the help of Mary. The Rosary of Mysteries to help us meditate on the Passion of Jesus and His Infinite Love for each one of us. The Rosary of Confession, to help us prepare with Mary to live the Gift of Confession which transforms us and makes us reborn in Joy. The Rosary of Holy Mass, to accompany us with immense gratitude to Jesus in the Eucharist, recalling the words of St. Pio of Pietrelcina who said: "It would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do without Holy Mass". The Holy Easter Stations of the Cross Chaplet, a special Rosary accompanying the prayer of the “Via Crucis”.

Lent recalls the desert where Jesus went to do penance for forty days.

Did Jesus need to do penance, He who is true man and also true God? The answer is obviously negative. So why did He go into the desert? To teach us how necessary penance is for us; and how much it constitutes the truth of human nature. Today we are afraid to speak of "Penance", it is not in step with the times......but the hostility towards this word comes from the fact that it makes us understand that choices and acts are not all the same. There are good choices and good acts and bad choices and bad acts. Purifying sins means that freedom, to be true freedom, must be oriented to the good, that is, it must be judged by the truth.

Penance is a "manifesto" in favor of human freedom and responsibility. Man can improve himself by intervening on himself, by converting his heart, by governing himself. By disciplining himself. Something quite different from the current "creed" in which every individual desire and whim claim to be recognized as rights. We can say that Lent is, in the mind of God, like a great military exercise, like a prolonged time of spiritual exercises in which the disciples of Jesus train and sharpen their weapons to become true combatants and winners over the enemy of our salvation. He does exist. He is cunning. He is evil. But he is only strong with the weak, while he is weak with the strong. If we are strong in Jesus, for Jesus and with Jesus, we will win against him. Maybe not all the battles, but certainly the only war for which the cursed one fights to the end, the decisive one: the salvation of our soul.

Good practice and good training to us all! And let us help each other on our journey toward the light of Easter.

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Renee Lanoway

April 16, 2024

I have ordered a Rosalet and am very excited to see it in person when it arrives. Such a beautiful yet so very functional
Spiritually , to have a rosary with you all the time . Thank you for designing this exemplary piece of art , and blessed
rosary .
Renee Lanoway

Michael Caci

March 26, 2021

God bless your family and employees for bringing peace to our troubled world through their craft.
In Him

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