May 07, 2020 2 min read

Dear Famiglia Ghirelli, 32 years ago, we received a great gift from the Madonna in heaven: to celebrate our marriage and to start a mission for Her in making and sharing rosaries. With the same love that one responds to a vocational call, we started our journey and consecrated everything to Her; She was (and remains to this day) our CEO. We are "pencils in Her hands" as a great Saint, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, used to describe herself.

We want to personally thank you for journeying and praying with us, and we hope you will continue to support us in our growing mission. We are excited to announce a new look and feel to our company, which we have arrived at through much prayer and discernment. We can’t wait to share our new look, our new logo, our new image, that represent the current challenge of Ghirelli Rosaries: to pay tribute to the Beauty and to the Power of Prayer.

It is our sincere hope that the beauty and truth we are able to share through this new website will bring you a new love of the rosary and a new understanding of the power of prayer. It is our true hope, and a clear centrality to our work and our mission, that all we do and create will magnify the Lord.

We invite you to celebrate with us as we launch the Ghirelli of the next generation. We value your input and your support and ask that you please click on the link below to update your login and password in order to have full access to the new and to enter into a New Rosary Experience.

If you have come to our new website looking for one of our beautiful creations which you have found in the past, please reach out to us directly so we can help you locate what you are looking for ( We appreciate your patience and support during the transition of our website, and are so blessed by your prayers and support. Entrusting ourselves and our work to Madonna de Fatima, our dear patroness,

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