May 08, 2020 2 min read

“We were living with Alessandro’s mother when the accident happened which resulted in my soon to be father-in-law’s death. We proceeded with our marriage as planned, we started a family, living along with his mother, and our children grew up with their grandmother.” 

It was this accident which became the catalyst toward God revealing a new dimension of their lives, as Cinzia and Alessandro Ghirelli grew in their devotion to their earthly and heavenly Mother. So along with beginning their family, and with the advice of their spiritual directors, they also founded Ghirelli Rosaries. 

When asked about hopes for the effects of their mission, in such a clearly heartfelt and apostolic manner, Cinzia admits

“Each of our rosaries look like they are jewels, because they ARE jewels, in the form of a Rosary. We would love it if even one person, perhaps an unbeliever or someone far away from God and faith, would see and choose to wear the Magnificat, bearing a Crucifix and a miraculous medal. And then we would witness what God can do.”

Ghirelli not only hopes in the seeds which Our Lady plants through the end recipients of their rosaries, but also creates work for women who need the income while still respecting their maternal vocation.

“Many of our rosaries are produced by women at home, especially in areas where they may have no other source of income. But they can go to work in this mission with us, far away from cities or places where there is no other way to support their families. We work with mothers who have to keep everything going often with many kids to take care of.”

“In my mission as a Mother, there is SO much more I wish I could do, because as a Mother I think we all believe that what we do is never enough. We ask ourselves, ‘maybe I should have been closer to them?’ and just as many other doubts sneak in too. I don’t know. Although thank God we were able to work, and raise our children as well.” 

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