October 01, 2021 2 min read

Many people ask us “Where do you draw inspiration for your creations?”

They are curious about the starting point, the glint of an idea that enables creation of jewelry instilled with such profound Beauty.

There is no one single answer, because we draw inspiration from many different sources, welcoming everything beautifuland purein the world with open hands, before transferring it to our jewelry, creating artisan masterpieces distinguished by their authenticity.

In this case, when we speak about authenticity, we are referring to the certainty that you are purchasing a piece of made-in-Italy jewelry carefully crafted by dedicated artisans, which is obviously a key feature of our jewelry.

But here we would like to consider authenticity in a broader sense, in terms of the purityof our inspiration. Our creations are inspired by important messages and moments, places and charismatic figures of Christianity from around the globe.

This is the background of Legacy Ghirelli®, a collection that we are incredibly proud of and which unites creativity in terms of designand technology. The collection is marked by the typical Ghirelli excellence: a distillation of grace, beauty, and attention to every last detail. 

Our customers know that our creations always come with a qualityguarantee for the materials used, and the certainty that every phase of production has been carried out with great passion and expertise.

This is why the Legacy Collection is such a treasure to be discovered, a selection of artisan masterpieces with precious metals and exquisite designs.

An example?

Whilst the entire collection truly deserves to be discovered, we would like to highlight the beautiful Lourdes Mysteries Booklet Murano Beads & Gold Rosary.

This piece features 8-mm white Bohemian glass beads with an iced effect and blue beads with an Aurora Borealis effect. There are also 10-mm Murano blown-glass beads, produced for Ghirelli by the Vianello company, a historic studio-glass producer on the island of Murano. They are irregular in form because they are produced one by one by master glass blowers.

The Crucifix is a unique masterpiece dedicated to Mary, who is depicted at the foot of the Cross.

The most irresistible element, due to its deep meaning and wonderful detail, is found at the center of the Rosary: a small booklet with patented fastening, which can be opened to reveal the four “Mysteries of the Holy Rosary”.

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