September 22, 2021 2 min read

The crowning moment of a coupleā€™s Love arrives with their wedding day. On this special day we see the merging of two hearts and two lives, which will remain forever bound under Godā€™s loving gaze.

When people dear to our hearts join in marriage, we are called upon to participate in their joy; we naturally feel the need to visibly express our profound joy with an important gift.

A gift symbolizing the genuine Love uniting them but that also embodies the wish of seeing all their dreams for the future realized together. A gift that can be handed down to the future generations as a tangible sign of a strong and lasting bond.

In this article we offer some original suggestions for jewels you can choose as a wedding gift.

The jewels we propose are exclusively made in Italy, reflecting the skilled craftsmanship and passion behind the work of the entire Ghirelli family.


A gift for the groom

Our Wedding Rosary for the Groom with genuine Murano Glass is the perfect gift for a groom who is about to experience the most special day of his life. This item is a superb Rosary made in Italy exclusively by Ghirelli. The beads are made of 8 mm Bohemian glass with iced effect, in the colors white and light blue. The 10 mm blue beads are instead made of genuine Murano blown glass with a veined-effect satin finish. The Crucifix, made from an original drawing by Ghirelli, shows the Love that Jesus is bestowing on all the faithful, especially those united in Holy Matrimony. The image on the back shows two spouses holding hands and advancing together towards the altar. As certified by the Ghirelli guarantee seal, the item is entirely ā€œMade in Italyā€ and has an antique gold finish with details hand-enameled by the master decorators of Ghirelli.


A gift for the bride

Now hereā€™s our proposal for the bride whoā€™s about to get married, her heart brimming with love: Wedding Rosary for the Bride with Swarovski Elements. A small masterpiece that is extremely refined owing to its finely worked details and choice of materials, not to mention the deep meaning it conveys. The beads are made of 8 mm white Bohemian glass with a glossy iced effect. The refined and striking impact is magnified by the 8 mm light pink crystal beads and the 8 mm hand-decorated Lumen beads.

However, the element that makes this Rosary truly special and significant is the Crucifix, an original creation by Ghirelli. The image on the back shows two spouses holding hands and advancing together towards the altar. The sides are etched with four core values of marriage.

The item has an antique silver finish, while the enameled elements in the Crucifix are applied by hand by the master decorators of Ghirelli. As always, the Ghirelli guarantee seal ensures that you purchase an artisan masterpiece set to stand the test of time.

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