June 11, 2021 2 min read

Magnificat Rosalet®, a unique piece of jewelry

The special, inseparable union of Faith and Design creates a precious and unique piece of jewelry to wear every day with true emotion.

The Magnificat Rosalet® is so much more than just an accessory. It is certainly as elegant and refined as the most exclusive jewelry, but its qualities go far beyond pure aesthetics. This is a rosary bracelet, representing a concrete and visible manifestation of one’s Faith. Great beauty is combined with the intimacy of prayer.


A rosary bracelet to be worn

Unique, the Magnificat Rosalet® is a rosary bracelet with an original and innovative style, and an extraordinary beauty. Its unusual form breaks away from the traditional aesthetics of the rosary. Clean and elegant lines make this an exquisite bracelet to view and to wear, at the same time declaring the profound nature of prayer and transmitting messages that transcend time itself. 

Magnificat Rosalet® is both a Design rosary and an instrument of prayer that is timeless and truly unequaled.


Magnificat Rosalet®: unmistakably Made in Italy

All Ghirelli jewelry is the result of a fine creative and manufacturing process that takes place entirely in Italy. Magnificat Rosalet® makes no exceptions, created 100% in Italy with the genuine love and passion of the Ghirelli family.

All members of our team are involved in a far-reaching effort that involves each individually directly. This is no typical job: it requires embracing a mission and a vision, dedicating oneself with great commitment.

This is why we are pleased to declare that joining our team means joining a great family, which shares profound ideals and values.

In this spirit, every piece of jewelry that we create is not simply a unique work of design.

Each creation is the result of so much more, from initial conception through to assembly, and careful packaging considering even the smallest detail: nothing is left to chance.

We focus meticulously on every aspect with the artisan expertise and innate sense of style that distinguishes all products created in Italy.

Italian craftsmanship guarantees prefect pieces of jewelry from every perspective, which also carry a message of Faith and Love.


A rosary bracelet for men

Even though all of our creations are ideal for men and women alike, this rosary bracelet is particularly well-suited to be worn by men that wish to keep their rosary with them everywhere they go. The Magnificat Rosalet® Square Matte Hematite is a magnificent piece of jewelry made with precious materials such as silver. A message of pure Love clearly shines forth from the representations of the famous image of the miraculous medal and the Crucifix, both featuring delicate forms and pure lines, transmitting a precious message of Faith.

On the back of the Crucifix, the Ghirelli name attests to the originality and Italian craftsmanship of this profoundly beautiful piece of jewelry.

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