June 24, 2021 2 min read

Why wear a necklace with a crucifix?

When we are animated by an authentic Faith, a pure and unique lightshines brightly within us. It constantly radiates, impossible to capture.

The presence of this precious luminosity that accompanies the faithful in every moment of their day can also be noted externally.

And sometimes, Faith is manifested through tangible objects that communicate our thoughts; religious symbols capable of transmitting profound messages.

This is the case with crucifix necklaces, a mark of the Faith of those who choose to wear them. This is a choice that has an impact, demonstrating engagement and a tangible sign of hope.


Precious necklaces with a crucifix

Precious crucifix necklaces are available that are authentic pieces of jewelry with an incredible, pure beauty. Our Italian crucifix necklaces in gold, silver with gold or rhodium plating and many other precious materials, are small artisan works of art, with every single component skillfully crafted to create unique pieces of jewelry. They are designed to be worn every day and treasured through the years.

One example is our Sterling silver and Swarovski necklace with a unique design and precise details, in unmistakable Ghirelli style. The crucifix, with Christ at the center, is embellished with colored Swarovski Crystal elements, which represent the stars of this model, packed with creativity and imagination. A truly original piece of jewelry to wear every day, so that you always have a tangible symbol of your Faith on hand, as a unique source of emotion.

The Ghirelli logo is embossed on the case as a sign of class and elegance.


Necklaces with crucifixes for men and women

With their special, unique designs, Ghirelli crucifix necklaces are suitable for him or her. Clean, minimalist lines combined with profoundly refined Beauty result in incomparable pieces of jewelry. The choice of colors is never overstated and this makes them ideal for men or women, who can select the perfect necklace from our precious range.

Take the delicate rosary in mother of pearl and silver, for example, a precious piece of jewelry that is suitable for either sex.


The authenticity of Ghirelli jewelry

Wearing a piece of Ghirelli jewelry means owning a little work of art that has been designed and created exclusively in Italy. Every single detail, from creation to packaging in precious cases with refined details, is part of a precise process that generates value, and all of this takes place in Italy, a country renowned as a cradle of art and beauty.

The big family here at Ghirelli, which includes all members of the team dedicated to creating rosary jewelry, has a mission to spread and celebrate the Beauty of true Faith. This is far more than a job: it is a vision, with a clear, shared objective. This is why every single Ghirelli creation begins with detailed style research and continues with a precise manufacturing process that is verified at every stage: we want to be 100% sure that every single piece of jewelry we make is a true example of Beauty and joy, rooted in strong Faith.

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