January 18, 2021 3 min read

“Just as the sun shines on all the trees and flowers as if each were the only one on earth, so does God care for all souls in a special manner.” 

St. Thérèse of Lisieux


Our Lord cares abundantly and personally for each of us individually. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are continually surrounded by His Grace; it is up to us to open our hearts to its presence so that we may live fully and well in communion with our Creator. Amid the hectic mundane of everyday life, let us pause to be mindful of God’s presence and allow ourselves to be transformed by the seemingly ordinary, daily encounters with His Extraordinary Grace.  


The term Grace originates from the Greek wordcharis, meaning “favor,” “gift,” or “kindness.” It is a unique virtue in that it is not only a lived virtue – something we seek to embody and practice in order to grow in holiness – but it is also a sanctifying gift bestowed on us by God Himself. 


As humans, we are creatures of habit, and God wants us to encounter Him in our everyday living so that we may cultivate an ever-growing, lasting relationship with Him. It is admirable to make grand resolutions for ourselves, like many of us do with each new year, intending to leap forward with radical changes so as to glorify God and work towards sainthood. But such drastic changes or goals are not always easily formed into habits. As we find ourselves settling back into a daily rhythm filled with our usual habits, consider viewing the small, ordinary tasks you face each day as opportunities to encounter God’s Grace.


St. Thérèse of Lisieux’s famous, pivotal notion of the “Little Way” to holiness is a great model to follow, as it urges us to seize each small moment for God, without worrying about performing “great” feats but rather doing ordinary acts with great love. And by doing so, we will come to encounter more and more moments of the abundant grace in our lives. 


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What are “Moments of Grace”? 

Moments of Grace can be discovered at times when we are suddenly filled with intense clarity, gratitude, and awe, recognizing God working in and around us. Such moments are gifts from God—they often bestow us with the motivation or strength we need to persevere amidst hardship, be that physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.


How can I encounter these moments in my daily life?

1. Be present to what is beautiful and good.

Observe the positive and life-giving things around you. For instance, allow yourself to indulge in the beauty of God’s creation, even on days when nature may seem “ugly” or plain. On your morning commute this winter, instead of focusing on the traffic ahead or how cold you are as the heat takes seemingly forever to warm up, let your gaze take in the icy crystals glinting as they cling to the tips of tree branches and street signs. On a dreary, cold and wet evening, close your eyes and listen to the thrum of rain on the window, letting its calm wash over you. Use small moments observing beauty and truth to recenter your focus and bring you closer to God—reflecting on how they reveal His goodness. 


2. Surround yourself with reminders of God’s Grace and Love.

A great way to pursue Grace-driven observation and reflection is by being intentional with your surroundings. The items you bring in your home as well as the relationships you foster can either bring you toward God or distract you from Him. At Ghirelli, we want to help center your focus on Christ through the Madonna. We have designed rosary bracelets with this in mind. These beautiful pieces are not only instruments of the most powerful prayer, but, worn visibly on your wrist, they also act as an ever-constant reminder of God’s Love, Grace, and Goodness. For a full, wearable rosary view our Magnificat RosaletⓇ, or for elegant decade bracelet designs, see our Precious Sterling Silver Bracelets and SECRETUMⓇ Stainless Steel Bracelets.




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