August 06, 2020 3 min read

Back to school season usually greets us at the beginning of June, putting us into two camps:  we’re either stocking up on everything early, or we’re ignoring the aisles of colored pencils and fresh notebooks because we aren’t ready for summer to come to an end. 

This year the back to school season looks a lot different for the majority of us. Due to COVID-19, schools are closed or have transitioned into a hybrid way of learning, and kids won’t be headed back to school as normal. For homeschool parents, this is mostly business as usual, but for everyone else, you may be stressing about how you’ll go even another month with your kids at home. 

Whatever back to school looks like for you, we want to help you prepare the best we can. While we don’t have crayon or backpack recommendations, we do have the quintessential accessory for back to school, whether school takes place in the classroom or living room. As you make your back to school list, put rosaries at the very top! No other item will bring as much needed peace and clarity as praying through the mysteries of Jesus’ life. There is no greater protection than the mantle of the Blessed Mother as we implore her sweet name, and educating our children in the faith is just as important as math and science. 

Now, to help any moms and dads who need some direction with the new school year, we’ve compiled a list of activities to help your young ones develop skills in math, reading, prayer, and more! 

For Math Development: Baking and Cooking

Baking is a great way to practice addition and fractions. Have your kids help you measure out the ingredients and calculate how much of each they will need. 

Have your older kids practice their money and budgeting skills by planning a menu, drafting a grocery list, estimating the cost of the groceries, and then comparing it to the actual cost. Added bonus: this is a huge time saver for you! 



For Science Development: Grow a garden

The kids can develop research skills by determining which fruits and vegetables they can grow in your area’s climate and soil. They can then learn the process of plant growth and what it takes to properly nourish a plant. This is also a great way for them to learn responsibility! 

For Time Management Development: Set a schedule

Although kids will be learning from home, they still benefit from having a schedule and routine. Placing a written-out schedule for each day and having your kids follow it by themselves teaches them how to use their time wisely, as well as how to stay on schedule. 


For Writing Development: Write letters to the elderly

Writing letters is something that unfortunately has gone out of style thanks to email and text messages, but it is still a great way to show others you care about them. Your kids can write letters and draw pictures for the elderly in nursing homes. This allows them to practice their writing and art skills, while also teaching them the importance of service. 


For Reading Development: Read the Bible together 

Reading is one of the most important yet challenging things for kids to learn. Reading the Bible with your kids will help them grow in their relationship with God, and is also a great way for them to grow in their reading skills. If the actual Bible is too advanced, thisChildren’s Bible is a great option! 


For Spiritual Development:Pray the Rosary together as a family 

With more time at home, praying the Rosary together as a family teaches your children the importance of faith and opens up faith-filled discussions amongst the kids and parents. If kids are struggling to keep focus, give them each the responsibility of saying a decade. Also encourage them to meditate on the mysteries of the Rosaries or provide a religious book with images for them to look through as they pray. 

Remember to give yourself patience and grace; you are doing the best you can, and we are all learning to navigate these changing times. Please know of the Ghirelli family’s prayers for you!

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