August 13, 2020 1 min read

When I design a Rosary, I always try to see it as an aid to prayer, never as a simple object. For the Mysteries of the Rosary Collection this goal has become a real challenge. Indeed, the Rosary is not a painting where one can express oneself creatively, there are limited spaces and dimensions, but I have never seen this as an obstacle. For years I have been thinking about how to help the meditation of every single Mystery of the Life of Jesus and His Holy Mother. I didn't think it was enough just to remember the number and title of the Mystery, I wanted to represent the scene because an image doesn't need words, it captures the essence of the message and takes it straight to the heart.

We have been working many weeks, but at the end, thanks to the design team, the Mysteries of the Rosary Collection was born with a splendid balance between elegance and spirituality. Each Rosary depicts a Mystery, each component represents the scene of Jesus' life to be contemplated. A detail that could not miss was the choice of the color of the beads... the White in the Joyful Mysteries for the Purity of Mary, the yellow in the Mysteries of Light to celebrate the "Light that has come into the World", the Red in the Sorrowful Mysteries for the Precious Blood of Jesus, the blue in the Glorious Mysteries to represent the Heaven where Jesus ascended. 

Do you have a favorite mystery to meditate on? We’d love to know which one and why.
You can purchase a rosary from the collection HERE.


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