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What makes a rosary bracelet?

Creating a rosary bracelet is a special and delicate process, with many different steps required to achieve the desired result.

Everything starts with the intention to create a precious object capable of transmitting an important message of Faith and Beauty. These two elements are united through a meticulous design process. The inspiration and initial drawings take form to create items of rosary jewelry that can be worn every day, whatever the occasion.

The most important element in the creation of a rosary bracelet is the underlying intention: the determination to communicate a vision of Faith and profound Beauty.

Only with this basis can technical skills be harnessed, enabling production of the perfect piece of jewelry, right down to the finest detail.

This is what we strive for every day, with great and unfaltering passion. We translate ideas and messages into precious pieces of jewelry, which are a wonder to behold and fill hearts with joy.


Why wear a rosary bracelet?

Once created, we choose to wear a rosary bracelet as a discrete declaration of our Faith. Every day this piece of jewelry accompanies our every movement, choice and activity. You will be wearing a precious symbol that carries great meaning, wherever you are.


ROSALET®, designed to reflect the beauty of prayer

Rosalet®, truly one of a kind for its design featuring an ingenious Cross fastening patented by Ghirelli, has revolutionized the very concept of a rosary bracelet, successfully uniting practicality, beauty and prayer.

This is not simply a bracelet but a genuine Rosary on your wrist, so original that it has its own name: Rosalet® (a combination of ROSAry and BraceLET), with enchantingly minimalist lines that make it perfect for any occasion.


A huge variety of rosary bracelets

The Rosalet® is just one of the items in our collection of unique, handmade pieces. In fact, Ghirelli offers a range of other rosary bracelets with original designs that are suitable for both men and women. One piece that is ideal for him or her is the Tiger's Eye rosary bracelet with its clean and simple design, which catches the eye with striking colors and precious materials, such as yellow gold plating on 925 Sterling silver. Unmistakable Ghirelli style is evident in the attention to detail and our brand signature, a seal of quality and originality, also featured on the exclusive packaging.


Rosary bracelets designed for her

Although Ghirelli jewelry is ideal for wear by women or men, certain models are particularly suited to feminine tastes, due to the forms and colors chosen. One example is our special Amethyst bracelet. This is a highly refined piece that is strikingly delicate. The silver Cross has a minimalist elegance.

The “Ghirelli” and “Made in Italy” marks on the plate guarantee the authenticity of your purchase, also highlighted by the embossed wording on the box.


Made in Italy

Choosing a piece of Ghirelli jewelry guarantees that you are purchasing a unique item designed and created entirely in Italy. It is impossible to confuse a piece of original jewelry: the Ghirelli brand guarantees authenticity. This is more than just branding. It is guarantee of the entire manufacturing process involving a team that has grown into one big familyover the years. After more than thirty years, this family shares the same goals, values and above all, the same vision.

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