March 16, 2022 2 min read

We are glad to inform you that, starting from today, our Blog will host thoughts and aphorisms of our dear friend Roberto Bonaventura.
Who is Roberto?


Maestro Roberto Bonaventura is an artist: Composer, Producer, Writer, and Author.Ā www.robertobonaventura.comĀ 

Formerly author and composer for worldwide famous Tenor Luciano Pavarotti, he recently directed our latest videos for digital campaigns.

His artistic videos introduce and interpretate our jewels - beloved by him for both devotional and stylish reasons - to inspire a moment of Cristian meditation. Ā Roberto embraced joyfully to become part of our family and we are sure he will amaze you every time with his words, with the aim to enrich the daily travel that we all have towards the Sky and the Above.

Born in 1970, Master of Arts.Ā His versatile talent is expressed across a wide array of activities: producer, composer, writer, author, exquisite interpreter of his own songs and of some of the most famous songs from Neapolitan singing tradition.

As lyrical composer, a notable mention goes to his successful collaboration with Luciano Pavarotti, whose performance of ā€œNeapolisā€ got international credits.

If Art is his passion, spiritual is his mission.

Supernatural and demonological expert, he wrote four books: ā€œThe threshold of the Afterlifeā€, a catholic apologetic text fruitfully used for the faithful evangelization.

ā€œSighs Hermeneuticsā€, ā€œSky Introspectiveā€, and ā€œTraditio sine qua nonā€. Three majestic examples of aphorisms and spiritual thoughts, with the last one been developed in collaboration with catholic historical author Massimo Viglione.

His career features a vast video productions ranging several topics, but always linked to Italian cultural and artistic catholic tradition.

Loving Expert of Naples and his spirit (NapoletanitĆ : the complex of values and culture typically attributed to Naples and his population), he invented the term ā€œNapoletani sostanzialiā€ (Substantial Neapolitans) and wrote a book containing aphorisms, thoughts and poems, homage to the city.

Heavy scholar of topics linked to Divine and human love, he canalizes his passion, professionalism, and high talent to express in one single direction: True love for beauty.

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