Crystal Cross Pendant with Sterling Silver, Large

- Diamond cut "gourmette" chain 925/┬░┬░┬░ Sterling Silver, 0.50 mm thick rhodium plated

- Pendant  Crucifix 38x25 mm

20x16 mmhand-set in a 925/┬░┬░┬░ Sterling Silver frame, thick rhodium plated, in the middle Body of Christ in 925/┬░┬░┬░ Sterling Silver, thick rhodium plated.


Creativity and imagination... Rosaries that stir up emotions... A drizzle of beads in a downpour of light...

The Crystal Element is the absolute protagonist of these models. A series of settings produces original forms and effects. The perfection of the Crystal, made from .925 pure sterling silver, shines in the Crucifix and the Centerpiece. Gold or rhodium finishes give the Aurora Borealis Collection rosary the perfection of a jewel.