CR 248 GR-1

Saint Benedict Crucifix Pendant Gothic Neon & Paracord by Germoglio x Ghirelli, Small

Ghirelli is excited to introduce our new collection of Saint Benedict Crucifixes and Pendants made exclusively in Italy by Germoglio.

Each Crucifix is crafted by trained artisans, with careful attention to every detail and component during the hand-assembling process.

Why makes Germoglio’s Saint Benedict Crucifix far superior than others?

>> They were the first company in Italy to produce and market to the world the famous Saint Benedict Medal/Crucifix
>> Each Saint Benedict Medal is individually cast with its respective inscriptions and images -- not fused to the cross -- in accordance to the guidelines established by the authoritative Church 
>> Each Corpus/Body of Christ is actually hand nailed to the surface of the Cross
>> Each Crucifix is made of high grade steel with a matte-finish white enamel finish and filled with bold enamel colors, including pink, red, green and yellow.

The Crucifix Pendant measures approximately 1 1/2" tall X  3/4" wide and is attached by a nylon cord that can be adjusted.