Pope Francis Rosary, Successors of Saint Peter Collection

This isĀ the official Pope Francis Rosary, created exclusively by Ghirelli for Pope Francis, using the permissions-granted image of our Holy Father taken by the Official Vatican and Papal photographer (Ā© Lā€™Osservatore Romano). Includes 7x5 mm glass beads, a ā€œPope Francisā€ centerpiece and ā€œPastoralā€ Crucifix in antique silver-plated finish. Silver plated finish with Ghirelli brand plate. This beautiful Rosary is presented in our exclusive Made-in-Italy hard box with an original design by Ghirelli. Printed on the side of the box are the beautiful words spoken at his general audience speech from the 12th of June 2013: ā€œGodā€™s goodness is stronger than any evil.ā€