The Ten Commandments Rosary by Ghirelli

Inspired by the Ten Commandments given by God to Moses in the Old Testament, this vintage rosary is a Ghirelli exclusive! Meditate on God's eternal truths and commandments to live a holy life. 


        1. Materials: Antique gold plated medals with bronze plated components
        2. Crucifix: An original interpretation of the staff with which Moses acted in the name and on behalf of God Almighty.
        3. Rosary Center: A double stone-effect "Stone Tablet" design with details engraved with the Commandments.
        4. Pater "Our Father/Glory" Beads: Hand-decorated 8mm Lumen Beads
        5. Ave / "Hail Mary" Beads: Bohemian glass beads in 8 mm size and natural colors.


Silver plated Ghirelli brand plate signifies your rosary is 100% made in Italy with one-of-a-kind Ghirelli craftsmanship.