National Eucharistic Congress Official Rosary

We are excited to announce that GhirelliĀ® is the official supplier and partner of the 2024 National Eucharistic Congress.

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The Crucifix takes inspiration from the Gospel passage John 15:1-4-5:ā€œI am the trueĀ vine, and my Father is the vine grower.ā€¦. Remain in me, as I remain in you. Just asĀ a branch cannot bear fruit on its own unless it remains on the vine, so neither canĀ you unless you remain in me. I am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever remainsĀ in me and I in him will bear much fruit, because without me you can do nothing.ā€

The Centerpiece is a replica of the Monstrance blessed by the Holy Father PopeĀ Francis that will be used at the 10th National Eucharistic Congress. The MonstranceĀ is a tribute to Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the National Eucharistic revival.Ā ā€œI will be with you always until the end of timeā€ (Matthew 28:20) The Words of Matthewā€™s Gospel are the summary and reason for the NEC, the Real Presence of Jesus in the Consecrated Host.

Oval glass beads inĀ 7X5 mm size and white color.

Antique Gold.

A percentage of the proceeds from sales of this Rosary will benefit the National Eucharistic Congress.

Customer Reviews

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Kathy Plush
BYOB made by Ghirelli to Indianapolis!

I bought a dozen of these uniquely crafted rosaries and could not be more pleased. They are gorgeous! The detail is impressive and the feel of the beads is perfect. I will be gifting them to the Eucharistic Discipleship Ministry that formed at my parish in response to the NER call to action! We are feeling the power of the Holy Spirit and it is glorious! I canā€™t wait until July.

Alan Ratliff
Highest quality Iā€™ve owned.

All of the rosaries Iā€™ve carried in my pocket that are metal linked have broken in a matter of weeks; But this one is clearly a better grade and a very smooth function of movement that is withstanding my wear and tear wonderfully! Also, the glass beats give a weight to the rosary that I really like. Itā€™s worth every penny!


Beautiful condition. Best rosary I have ever seen.

Michelle Hartline
I love this Rosary!

I purchased this since it was the official Rosary of the National Eucharistic Congress, and I was amazed at its beauty when the package arrived. It's lovely and well made! I took it with me to Adoration this afternoon to recite the Divine Mercy chaplet before the Blessed Sacrament. I love everything about it: the weight, the feel of the beads, the color, the Crucifix showing the vine and branches on the cross, and the Monstrance centerpiece. I can't recommend this highly enough!


Beautiful and very detailed. Great quality