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It’s easy to become fearful, waver in faith, or lose trust in the Lord, especially when things are uncertain. It’s especially easy to feel this way when you begin praying the Rosary for the first time. The Rosary can be especially challenging to fully wrap your head around, and it can be hard at first to comprehend its full power and glory. It’s rather uncommon to think of the Rosary as a combative form of prayer, but in fact, it is one of the strongest and most profound forms granted to us. 

There is an old analogy that compares the Rosary to a weapon. The Rosary beads act as 50 bullets, and the Crucifix itself acts as the weapon. Each prayer is spiritual ammunition, and the completion of a Rosary represents all those prayerful intentions fired out into the world to combat evil. 



This may sound like a more militant way to think of the Rosary, but in fact, it is a very valid method of picturing such a prayerful practice. There is great strength and power in prayer, especially through the Rosary. During this month, we not only look to the Blessed Mother for strength, but also a number of her humble servants who followed her powerful practice of prayer. 

Just as St. Dominic was called to combat theAlbigensian heresy, we too are called to battle evils against our faith. The Rosary equips us with every necessary tool to do exactly that. Fr. Reginald Garrigou-LaGrange, a Dominican theologian from the 20th century said, “What the word of the preacher was unable to do, the sweet prayer of the Hail Mary did for hearts.” Eventually, this “sweet prayer” became known as the Rosary. This “wreath of roses” would eventually lead to endless conversions and miracles, combating trials of evil all throughout the world. 




No matter how difficult daily patterns of life may become, know that you always have a symbol of strength beside you. The Ghirelli  Hematite Rosary Collection features beautifully crafted rosaries with the hematite stone, most commonly associated with tendencies of spiritual grounding. As we continue through this month, continue to work on spiritually grounding yourself in the Blessed Mother’s goodness. 

We want to leave you with a prayer by St. Bernard, who wrote to Mary in his time of need for grounding and trust. 


In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I Trust
Look to the star, 
Call Upon Mary! 
In danger, in difficulty,
 or in doubt, 
think of Mary, 
call upon Mary,
 Keep her name on your lips, 
Never let it pass out of your heart. 
Following in her footsteps,
 you will not go astray; 
praying to her, 
you will not fall into despair; 
thinking of her, you will not err. 
While she keeps hold of your hand, 
you will not fall...
you will not grow weary…
you will have no fear…
Enjoying her protection, 
you will reach the goal. 

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Renee Lanoway

April 16, 2024

I am so impressed with your exquisite désignés , so fresh and new and yet if you are looking for older iconic pieces they are
also in this beautifully varied collection of faithful jewellery.
Am excited to purchase my first piece .
Thank you
Renee Lanoway

Renee Lanoway

April 16, 2024

Such a beautiful prayer, so lovely and easily included with your rosary before or after saying your Rosary .
Thank you for sharing this with us, I love it . I am so taken with your beautiful faithful jewelry, it is so exquisitely
design. Can’t wait to pick my first piece.
Again Thank You
Renee Lanoway


April 21, 2021

Thank you for the ammunition 😁

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