October 23, 2020 1 min read

"I am a mystery to myself."

—St. Pio of Pietralcina.

Today, looking back I could say the same thing as St. Pio.

At the death of my Father in fact, I was sure that I would have continued his work. I had no doubts, but then I learned that "Because my thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not my ways" (Isaiah 55-8). 

Suddenly, one evening in 1987, I clearly understood that I was called to produce Rosaries.

Since that moment, the Rosary has become for me and my wife Cinzia, not only a job but the center of our life, our family, and a passion for an instrument through which we can tell the beauty of faith and prayer.


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Many times when I create a Rosary I think that it is an object that the Madonna had with her in the most known apparitions. Yes exactly, our Heavenly Mother showed a Rosary in her hands when appearing to the visionaries.

Therefore, if she "appreciates" it and proposes it to help the recitation of such a powerful prayer, then when you create and produce it, you can't just be making it as for any other object, you have to love, respect, create and produce it as a mission to be accomplished with all the love and creativity of which you are capable.


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But always with the awareness that when everything is done with the greatest love and passion, we are only "useless servants" Luke (17, 7-10).


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