December 07, 2020 2 min read

“We know that peace on earth can only come when hearts find peace with You.”

This Advent season, Ghirelli is focusing on how to center your heart and mind on the blessings of the virtues. During each week of the Advent season, we will highlight the virtue that best encapsulates that week of waiting for the Christ Child. This week’s focus is how saying yes to God brings us true, eternal peace. 

We find peace in committing ourselves to God. This week, we closely observe the Blessed Mother’s “yes” to the angel Gabriel. She did not run and hide from Gabriel or the Lord’s call. Instead, she peacefully obliged and opened her heart to one of the most vulnerable and sanctifying tasks. Her yes changed the world. 

While we may not be able to change the world during this time of Advent, we are called to change the perspective of our hearts and minds. The Church’s perspective on peace calls us toopen our hearts and allow them to belong to the innermost nature of the Church. This is understood as a very unifying concept, encouraging solidarity among all peoples, especially during the Advent season. 

The peace that we receive from God allows us to look at others through heaven’s eyes and help guide the world to see the message of the Lord more clearly. The peace of God transcends our circumstances and our world. It grants us immense amounts of strength, serenity, understanding, and clarity. It eliminates any wavering feelings of faith and allows us to stand firm in the knowledge that Christ will come to save. 

This week, we turn to our Queen of Peace for her hand to guide us. She is our intercessor with God to obtain the spirit of love, unity, and reconciliation. Our Queen of Peace Collection creates yet another opportunity to open your heart to the peace of Christ. Mary is the Immaculate Conception, unified with the Holy Spirit, bringing her earthly children closer to her heavenly Son. 

As we are nearing a time of hurried schedules and excitement for the season, we must remind ourselves of the true serenity that we will draw from Jesus’ coming. It is through this reminder that we will find peace in committing ourselves to Christ. 

We want to leave you with a prayer for finding peace this week. Write it down and share it with your family and friends as a reminder to slow down and center yourselves on Christ. 


Lord my God, 
Help me to find peace as your most holy Mother did when she replied “Yes” to your will. 
Let me carry out your will according this week,
And allow me to do so with an open heart and mind. 
Let my perspective be broadened, and let me find true peace. 
Let my yes to you grant me unifying peace within your church. 
I ask this through the intercession of  your most peaceful Blessed Mother,

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