December 14, 2020 3 min read

How do you define joy throughout your daily life? 

This week, as a Church we pay close attention to the blessing of joy. We want to share with you how you can incorporate the many, fruitful blessings that come from the celebration of the Christ Child’s birth. 

Historically, the pink candle on the Advent wreath is known as theGaudetecandle, which means “rejoice.” It is a reminder amidst peaceful weeks of reflection of the wondrous celebration for our coming salvation. We are encouraged to rejoice and thrive knowing that the Christ Child will come to grant us His many free, undeserved blessings. 

We define joy as what cultivates and sparks growth within our souls. As stated in the Catholic Encyclopedia, “Joy is the feeling of delight and satisfaction that is singularly related to the Christian virtue of charity. It is the intersection and interaction of the senses and the soul of the human person.” Joy, like grace, is a free and undeserved gift. It is a gift found through intentional and honest connection with the good that we first offer to others in our lives. It is a raw connection with true happiness dwelling within our soul. 

In our culture today, so much attention is paid to the body, with very little attention given to the soul. There is a natural focus on the external, without any mind paid to the internal. We are so naturally fixated on the perfect present, the most beautiful lights, or the most delicious holiday dinner. This week, we are called to be mindful of the joy that dwells within our souls. We yearn for the Lord to bless our world with His divine Son’s goodness, now more than ever. We cultivate this joy for the Lord God internally, and we are encouraged to spread this joy externally this Advent season with the ones we love the most. 

As we enter the third week of Advent, let us remember to check in with the state of ourselves. Are we preparing our souls for the coming of Christ? Are we offering goodness to others?How are we defining joy throughout our daily lives? 

We celebrate the wondrous joy that the Christ Child will bring to us, and we rejoice and marvel in His glory. Marvel with the Ghirelli Pink Rosaries collection, and rejoice in the Christ Child’s goodness this Advent season. 

We are reminded to live our lives fully and authentically for God and offer goodness to others so that we all may revel in the joy of the Lord. We want to leave you with a prayer to recite for the blessings of joy this week. We pray for your continued growth throughout this joyful Advent season. 


Father God, You dwell among us. 
You reveal to us the true beauty within our souls. 
Help us this week to know you better, 
and to share your goodness with the ones we love the most
So that we might experience true, free, undeserved joy. 
Help me, O God, 
To direct my attention to my soul and reflect on your blessings. 
Let me live joyfully each day,
And prepare my heart for the coming of your most Blessed Son. 
I ask this in your most holy name, 

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