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What is a rosary-jewel?

Arosary-jewel is an expression ofpure authentic beauty. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, your rosary will be your constant companion. This is a way to keep an actual embodiment of your most profound, innermost and truest soul close to you throughout the day. It is even more than this, in all truth. A rosary-jewel is an exquisite work of art, avaluable piece of jewelry whose breathtaking beauty transpires from each tiny detail.

What is the best way to keep your faith close by all the time? Wear an elegant yet discreetrosary bracelet that will be by your side from morning to night.


The Italian-made rosary bracelet 

The rosary bracelet is a novel and inestimably precious creation that allows youto wear a rosary on your wrist no matter where you are. 

When you slip on yourMagnificat ROSALET®, you slip on all the aesthetic allure and consummate expertise ofItalian workmanship. When you opt for a precious jewel from Ghirelli, you can be sure that you will be getting a one-of-a-kind piece which has been hand-crafted with infinite loving care. Every single creation that Ghirelli makes is curated with uncompromising attention to detail. From the initial concept to the assembly process, not to mention the final packaging phase, each piece is constructed with infinite care and nothing is left to chance. There are myriad details to be taken into consideration and each one is tended to by our Ghirelli team of experts which over the years has become one bigextended family. A family which keeps on growing, shares the samevalues, embraces the sameprinciples and pursues the same inspired and tireless quest forbeauty. Each single Ghirelli accessory is imbued with our deep beliefs and when you wear one of our items, you put on the livingmessage and resonantinspiration that underpin all our actions.


The rosary-bracelet in silver 

Allow the beauty and splendor of Magnificat ROSALET® in silver to enter your life. Dreamed up, designed and hand-crafted in Italy, these superb pieces of jewelry are made from pure 925 Sterling Silver. Unmistakably stylish, this is a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that you will find nowhere else; these singular sacramentals are a totally revolutionary wayto wear a rosary. The silver devotional items particularly draw the eye with their style and finesse; resplendent with their own light, they radiate out with all theglory that they enshrine.Here you can see an exquisite example of arosary bracelet in silver with a traditional feel. It is a refined precious piece of jewelry with a sophisticated aesthetic that makes it quite unique. Thecrucifix on this bracelet serves as a fastening; furthermore, this piece of jewelry has a small yet stunning hand-set Miraculous Medal centerpiece depicting the Virgin Mary as described by St. Catherine Labouré when our Lady famously appeared to her in Rue du Bac, Paris.


The rosary bracelet in silver for men and women

TheMagnificat ROSALET® in 925 sterling silveris perfectfor men and women alike.With a curated minimalist design, this is anideal piece of jewelry for him and for her. It has pristine clean lines which makes it suitable for any look. This more modern piece ofjewelry can also be worn by men or women no matter the occasion. 

All pieces of jewelry bear the Ghirelli mark so you can be sure you have got a unique and authentic devotional item.

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