July 23, 2021 3 min read

There are many ways to express your faith.

The first step is obviously through authentic and honest actions, allowing coherence, gestures and words to spread love in every context.

You can also carry a symbol of your faith every day, with discretion, wearing a meaningful object against your skin.

In reality, these are far more than mere objects, they are precious religious symbols. They represent a tangible manifestation of your faith, which can offer strength and support whenever it is needed.

We believe it is important to stress that use of any devotional object is a way to keep God in our mind, to prompt an openness and desire within us to serve God and our neighbors. It is not an amulet with magical power that can bring us good fortune and health. This is not a Christian concept.

Every piece of jewelry carrying the Ghirelli brand is an authentic miniature work of art, designed to support devotion and offer a profound and pure beauty that enchants and triggers great emotion.

Created entirely in Italy, these articles never fail to amaze with the light that shines forth from them.

In this article, we will discover the beautiful pieces of jewelry created by Germoglio for Ghirelli.


Germoglio for Ghirelli

Created exclusively in Italy by Germoglio, the Saint Benedict Crucifixes and pendants are part of a collection resulting from partnership with Ghirelli. This partnership continues to enchant and offer unique pieces of great beauty and timeless style.

Every single Crucifix is handmade by highly qualified expert artisans, who take extreme care with every detail and component, resulting in unique works of art with an extraordinary beauty.

These pieces of Ghirelli Crucifix jewelry are in a class of their own, as Germoglio was the first company in Italy to create and offer worshipers the Saint Benedict Medal Crucifix.


Saint Benedict Crucifix in polished chrome

The polished-chrome Saint Benedict Crucifix — created by Germoglio for Ghirelli — is immediately striking with its timeless beauty and the classic elegance of its lines. The Saint Benedict Crucifix Medal is individually cast, with the respective inscriptions and images following the guidelines established by the Church, and the Body of Christ is hand nailed to the surface of the Cross.

This Saint Benedict Crucifix has been made in steel, with a polished-chrome finish. Both the Saint Benedict Medal and the Body of Christ are created in solid brass and then silver plated, for an even more precious and enchanting piece of jewelry.

The elegant box also contains a very handy little booklet with the prayer of Saint Benedict and explains the abbreviations of the exorcism featured on the medal.


Saint Benedict Crucifix with polished gold plating

Another piece that has enchanted worshipers across the world, with a slightly larger design, is the polished gold Saint Benedict Crucifix. This work of art is immediately striking with the great elegance of its lines and precious materials.

This piece is created in steel with a highly polished gold-plated finish. The Saint Benedict Medal and the Body of Christ are both made in solid brass and silver plated. Like all Germoglio creations for Ghirelli, this piece of jewelry is delivered in an elegant box containing a little booklet explaining all the essential information for devotional practice with the Saint Benedict Medal.

Prayer, beauty and love: all encapsulated in a truly precious piece of jewelry, to wear every day and treasure through the years.

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