July 23, 2021 2 min read

Delicate, special and pure moments.

Experiences to be remembered forever: children’s first encounters with prayer. 

In reality, this is a process that begins much earlier: right from birth, it is important for children to be immersed in an atmosphere of faith and love, in a family that cultivates love, and a place to learn the alphabet of life itself. Family is a work of God, not us, as always emphasized by Cardinal Angelo Comastri.

Respecting their own individual pace, we can start introducing them straight away to the holiness of certain places and moments, by letting them observe the Holy Mass, for example. Of course, they won’t understand every word and gesture, but what is really important is that they are immersed in an atmosphere that it is impossible to find elsewhere, because it is here that God is present through the Consecration at every service.

A practical way to bring little ones closer to their first experiences in church without disturbing the other worshipers, is to allow them to bring along small toys, which allow them to play quietly and calmly. This will keep them occupied during the Holy Mass and avoid any annoyance to other worshipers, whilst enabling them to experience the presence of Jesus.


Introducing little ones to prayer, through their own rosary, a sign of participation in the life of Mary.

When the right moment arises, which will vary for each child because each has their own pace, parents and other adults in their life have the important and delicate task of introducing little ones to prayer. This is an important and meaningful step, which can often determine their future approach to faith. It is therefore essential that this happens with serenity, giving due importance to this phase.

Over the years, the big family here at Ghirelli, which has always focused on the needs of families, has added handmade creations to its collections, conceived and produced specially for children that are approaching use of a rosary for the first time.


Ghirelli rosaries for little girls

A magnificent example of Ghirelli jewelry designed and created for little girls is the rosary from the Mary’s Motherly Love collection.

The 6 mm Bohemian glass beads are available in a beautiful new pastel color that little girls will just love. At the center of the rosary is a representation of Mary who tenderly embraces Jesus in a motherly gesture, within an artistic frame. The piece has a silver-plated finish and the inner elements are hand enameled. The Crucifix is in a baroque style, with a polished silver-plated finish and hand-enameled inner elements.


Ghirelli rosaries for little boys

To suit the taste of little boys, Ghirelli has created the beautiful Mary’s Motherly Love Collection Blue & Silver Rosary. The 5 mm Bohemian faceted beads are enhanced with an Aurora Borealis effect. The rosary has a silver-plated finish with a Ghirelli brand plate to certify its authenticity.

At the center of the rosary is a representation of Mary embracing the baby Jesus, within a decorative frame. The Crucifix is in a baroque style, with an aged sliver-plated finish.

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