July 07, 2021 3 min read

Some days more than others we feel a compelling need to have and feel a tangible sign of our own Faith close at hand.

There are times in our lives when it is enough to cast our gaze on such an object to uplift our spirits, boost our morale and feel at one with ourselves and life itself. As if it were a trusted stalwart anchor to hold on to.

And at such critical times, Ghirelli fulfills part of its mission - that of creating tools for prayer which will accompany us through each instant of our day. But it goes beyond this. These are no “ordinary” tools for prayer. Ghirelli dreams up, designs and creates authentic jewels which are quite breathtaking for their grace and refinement. The epitome of elegance and Beauty in true Ghirelli style.


Where Faith meets Design

When Faith meets Design, the only possible outcome is boundless Beauty. And Beauty plays a starring role in all Ghirelli's collections which enchant the eye and soothe the soul with their inimitable stylishness.

The Magnificat Rosalet® range is no exception to this rule with its one-of-a-kind bracelets boasting an innovative aesthetic that can be found nowhere else. The high art of this striking jewelry pushes back conventional boundaries, entering unchartered territory and expanding the traditional limits of Rosary making.

The creative process is underpinned by a firm resolve on Ghirelli's part to provide believers with tools that will help them progress along their spiritual paths day after day. Ghirelli’s unmistakable stylishness gives rise to exquisite jewelrywhich is truly unique, as is evident from its pristine sleek elegance, making it suitable to be worn in any circumstances.


Magnificat Rosalet®: the Rosary Bracelet for everyone

The pioneering power of Magnificat Rosalet®lies in the fact that it is a real Rosary to all effects but can also be worn just like a piece of fine jewelry. It is quite different from any bracelet or Rosary that has come before not only because it is made from precious metals, but especially because it fastens with a unique patented clasp. There has been a painstaking attention to detail which is a clear testament to the Love and Care we invest in each sacramental for prayer.

This means that the Rosary can be kept on your person so you are never without. Furthermore, it lends itself to everyday wear and will be suitable for formal and informal occasions alike. Its sleek pristine aesthetic makes it the ultimate choice day in and day out.

A perfect example of this versatility is the Magnificat Rosalet® Square Matte Hermanite.

The fine beads are crafted from satin-finish hematite and slip easily through the fingers during prayer.

The Crucifix, a small and original masterpiece with a patented clasp in rhodium-plated 925 Sterling Silver, has been elevated with a touch of inimitable stylishness. It bears the Ghirelli's signature on the back which is an absolute guarantee that you are the owner of an authentic piece of jewelry crafted in Italy. In the middle of the Rosalet® there is an exquisitely elegant Miraculous Medal centerpiece which has been superbly crafted and set in 925 Sterling Silver; in the event of a gift or a sacramental to mark a special occasion, space has been left to personalize it with a special etching.

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