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Spiritual reflection by Alessandro Ghirelli


Shortly after the tragedy of 9/11, I accidentally came across a photo of steel beams in the shape of the Cross emerging from the rubble of the Twin Towers.
I immediately felt a deep emotion, to the point that I saved itonmy notebook desktop.

It remained there for years; from time to time I would open it to look at it and let the flow of my thoughts run free.Ā Towards the end of 2010, lookingatĀ this photo as usual, without any warning, a Rosary appeared in my mind ending with that very Cross.

Ā  Ā  Ā Ā 


In that moment, intuitions began to come to me, one after the other. I thought that the Rosary was composed of 50 Hail Marys and that this number coincided exactly with the number of American States.By putting the initials of each state on eachof theHail Mary beads, the Rosary would encompass the entire nation.


As I delved deeper into the matter, Iread thatbackin 1847 Pope Pius IX had proclaimed Mary Immaculate Patroness of the United States of America; I understood then that the Immaculate Conception was the image to be placed on eachbead of the Hail Mary, while the Miraculous Medal was to be placed between thedecades. In this way, Mary embraced all of America!

It wasabsolutely clear, then, what to insert in the three missingbeads between theCross and theCenterpiece: the initials of the United States of America:USA --the synthesis of the entire Rosary.

There was still a detail to be defined, namely what the central part, the heart of the Rosary, should be inspired by.

I thought that this detail should contain what I felt, the profound reason why I wanted to make this Rosary: a message of Love, of Mercy, ofconsolation, of the victory of Light over darkness, of hatred over violence.


I wanted to celebrate the triumph of life over death; Jesus was life and hope in that place of death and pain.

Looking among the ruins of the towers I saw the representation of a sepulcher and I imagined the scene of the Resurrection: from that sepulcher Jesus came out, victorious over death.

The 9/11 Rosary was born.

In a shorttime I held the firstsample in my hands! I decided that its color should recall the rust and iron of the ruins of the Twin Towers, a beautiful choicefor its depthof meaning.

For me, expressing the Faith through Rosaries is a life mission; selling them, however, is also the livelihood for my family and for the people who work with me.

My concern, therefore, was not to offend those who had suffered and lost loved ones in that tragedy; my intention was to provide them with an instrument of comfort and help.

I discussed this with my two spiritual fathers, deciding that without their approval this much desired Rosary would remain only a wish.

They told me to make it happen, without delay.

What happened next confirmed to me that it was right to create it: I met so many people who suffered in that tragedy and who lost their loved ones, I listened to so many stories of people involved in that pain.

I even met the person who found the Cross from which the inspiration for this Rosary was born. Ialsomet many first responders and a person who has become part of the family for me; his name is Placido David Perez, also a first responder.

We have been writing to each other for 10 yearsnowandour loveforeach other,and for each of our families, has grown exceedingly over these years.

Thanks toPlacido I have been able to understand how great that pain was; for this I thank God for having known him and for his friendship.

In the thirty-three years since the beginning of our work, we have created many special Rosaries, but the 9/11 Rosary is and will always remain the most important one.

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J & Tim Vito Wrighton

April 04, 2024

How beautiful that your creative, God-given talent produced a beautiful Rosary šŸ™šŸ¼šŸ‡ŗšŸ‡øšŸ™šŸ¼šŸ’

Maureen K De Franco -Sternad

April 04, 2024

I had over 7 first line workers at the world trade center, My brother in law, was at the high floors in the first tower there were people stuck, his captain turned and saw him trudging up the stairs,, he ordered him Feaser Get the Jaws of life, so he turned back down to the rigs to get the much need tool, when he finally got to-ground floor, the tower toppled, he was blown far out with the rubble, and survived it!, he went to St. Vincents Hospital had his eyes wash out and mouth, then went back to the site, He was the only the one that lived from his fire house.
The New York Daily News had taken a picture and it was the dark rubble with the steel standing strong, the lone fiire-fighter looking over the demolished unbelievable horror which he was surveying, the photographer, took that iconic picture and his flash lit up the firemanā€™s name at the bottom of his coat, in Large letters glowing in fluorescent glow was his Name FEASER. Standing knowing all of his men were gone in that pile of rubble of twisted steel and dust.

I have many other amazing miracles on each one of the loved ones that were there that day,

This is a most wonderful tribute to all those that were there that day living and passed. The people that lived have many horrible memories of that day, perhaps this may help some find comfort

Sharon Long

April 04, 2024

Thank you for this lovely story.I bought this rosary and loved it so much that I gave it to my son a year later.

Lorraine Rose

April 04, 2024

This is an absolutely beautiful and heart warming reflection. Thank you for sharing how the design came to life. It is definitely divine inspiration. God bless you


April 04, 2024

canā€™at wait to see it.

Maryedna Yamber

April 04, 2024

9/11 Rosary is prayed for everyday.


April 04, 2024

Totally magnificent. The reason for itā€™s creation is one of remberance and
Love for

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