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A few thoughts by Alessandro Ghirelli

In these insane times, I often ask myself what the reasons are for all this deep hatred of the traditional family? The only reply comes to me in the light of my faith.

I am convinced that by fighting against familyyou also fight against God because as Saint John Paul II said: ā€œLike it or not, the future of humanity passes by way of the familyā€.

On this note, I am delighted to share with you the thoughts of Cardinal Angelo Comastri, a stalwart upholder of family values.

ā€œJesus asked not to be born in power, but with a Father and a Motherā€. The family is God's plan, the family is essential, it is the first sanctuary of God's love and the first school of life. Pope John XXIII said: ā€œThe education that leaves the deepest traces is always that provided at homeā€.Ā 

Aware of this, the Devil attacks the family. The Pope rightly reminds us that Jesus tells us to call upon our Father to: ā€œDeliver us from evilā€, meaning wickedness or the Devil. We must open our eyes and take care not to overlook the dangers.

The Annunciation takes place in a house. We might expect this great event to take place in the Temple of Jerusalem or a place of worship....but it didnā€™t. It took place in a home. There is no doubt that God wanted to emphasize the importance of a home in people's lives. And today the importance of our home is something we are losing sight of. We must never forget that the nativity scene centers on a family. It is not just about Baby Jesus. There is a father (Joseph the Just, as he is called) and an Immaculate mother, as Mary is known, and then there is Baby Jesus who is looked over by Mary and Joseph. Why? Why didnā€™t the Son of God want wealth at Christmas?Ā  It is no accident. It is the will of God. He didnā€™t even want status and power. He wanted a family and that clearly illustrates the importance of family.

As she begins to narrate the story of her life, ThĆ©rĆØse of Lisieux says: ā€œIt seems to me that I was born in a holy landā€, and the ā€œholy landā€ was her mother and father. Each child should say: ā€œI was born in a holy landā€.


Cardinal Angelo Comastri

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Anne Wilson

May 09, 2024

This is the most beautiful meditation on the family I have ever read!
Thank you!
Anne Wilson, mother of eight, grandmother of 21
All faithful Catholics who love the Rosary

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